What is Multiple Myeloma (MM)?

What is Multiple Myeloma (MM)?
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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Heading into the holidays....

Post by Valerie:

As we near Thanksgiving there are many blessing for which we will be giving thanks! Presently, Dad is at home. He was released from Providence on 11/3 after a week stay. The primary diagnosis they concluded was Cryptogenic Organizing Pneumonitis (COP). This explains the significant respiratory problems he was having for about a month. The treatment for COP is rather aggressive with a recommended 24 weeks on steroids and then a tapering off at that point. Anything too soon could mean that it continues to attack or obstruct the alveoli. The symptoms of this disease mimic pneumonia so, looking back, we realize that this was likely present for awhile. However, there is a blessing here in that we have a diagnosis and a treatment!!!

The main setback that Dad has faced since being faced with COP is that he doesn't have the immunity for it. The pulmonologists have said that a high-grade fever is not typically a symptom and Dad has reached up to 104. The solution needed in this case was an infusion to boost his immune system. T took Dad to Dallas on Friday so that he could receive that and hopefully get stronger!! Dr Pineiro indicated that he could see results anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. This morning he was running a fever again but he said that he is gaining a touch of strength.

We have been blessed with each other and with a good prognosis!!! Dad will continue to fight with all he has because there is alot to fight for. I am thankful for him, thankful for Dr Pineiro and his guidance, thankful for all medical caregivers who are invested in quality care, thankful for research that continues to allow better outcomes, and thankful for everyone who has given us a hug, a kind word, a prayer, or a word of encouragement!

From the whole family - Larry, Paula, Val, Kaylee, Tim, Kim, Harrison

**Please keep my friend, Leslie, in your prayers as she and her sister Cristy lost their Dad last week. A Dad is a precious thing to a daughter and they need warm thoughts!!!


  1. Hope your Dad is feeling better these days and that his results from the SCT are all that you could have hoped for. Hang in.

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